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Balint Bernhardt / All Rights Reseved / 2015

51 the Book


We are living in a digital world. Our bookshelf getting smaller and smaller everyday, and We are buying digital books from the internet, or just reading the news from there. We are leaving behind the smell, touch and feel of paper and get used to touch-screens and fancy animated content. I wanted to set them side by side with a project, and use the best virtue from booth of them. So I coded twelve jQuery powered, randomly driven HTML5 Canvas animation for the web then selected a random frame from each of them and printed them to a handmade book. With this process, I made an everlasting printed book which is the one and only in the world and an ever-changing web experience which is accessible nearly from anywhere for anyone.


Print Design / Web Design


09 (img="" h2="Traditionally Handmade" p="With the book's japanese binding and balsa wood cover I wanted to truly represent the history of manual bookbinding.") (img="" h2="QR Codes" p="There is a QR Code page before every artwork to connect the viewer to the corresponding HTML5 Canvas on there device. The canvases was designed to work in all modern mobile browser.") (img="") (img="" h2="Microsite" p="As a summary of the whole project a responsive microsite was built where you can browse through the pages with the book's 3D model to view the canvas animations. If you interested please visit .")